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    ok, so i've noticed a lot of threads with people asking about training regmines and routines, and a lot of decent answers, but i think the responders some times forget who their probably giving advice to. children. normally it seems the users asking for advice like that are normally under 18 and some of the replies are things like 'use plywood to make buildings' or 'build your own killhouse' or things like that it seems.

    any way keeping in mind that most of these users may not have a job and those that do can't afford anything like that let alone have the space for it, i got to thinking.

    how can some one make a 'kill house' dirt cheap and be able to assemble and dissassemble it as required?
    the answer string/twine/rope(line) and some sheets. tape, tack, tie up the line, and toss some sheets over it for simple easy walls, and it can be set up different every time and can be made with all sorts of crazy angles for better training.

    $50 should buy you plenty of sheets and line for the purpose.
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    This is already a somewhat common training technique. They put some stakes in the ground and wrap rope or something like police tape around it to make a shape resembling a floor plan on the ground. It's used to practice room entry. There's also some with tarps as walls for a better replica of a structure for a kill house of sorts.

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    We practice the technique IHOP described when training moving in buildings we do not have access for some reason (be it hotels, villas, etc.). The access is usually restricted because of secrecy or security reasons. A great way to get to know the territory, but not very practical for actual training purposes.

    OP's ideas is pretty good and cheap, though.
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    i'm always good for an interesting and cheap idea or two if you ever need more ;)
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    I'm going to use this. Plywood 8x8 foot buildings cost around 150 done right. So I can get 3 "sheet buildings" for 1 plywood buildings. Awesome.