South Shore team's?

Discussion in 'Massachusetts Airsoft Forum' started by Falccon86, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. Falccon86

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    Hey i have been playing airsoft for quite a wile now and was wondering if there are any south shore airsoft team's. I play mostly at Ubg bourn, or cape field's. Im 18 and have a gbbr and aeg. the gbbr is for milsim game's.

    If you know of any teams or looking for a new player just pm me or right on this tred thanks.
  2. Protectionperfection

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    most good diverse teams arent based solely out of one area but over a larger area. Our team for example has guys from Worcester, Hudson, Bolton and Mansfield. We has a prospect who is from RI as well. Try for teams that are local to your area.