South Wales/Bristol Airsoft Team

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    Combatmachine and I are looking to put together a team in the South East Wales/Bristol area. We're looking for people aged between 16 and 18/19 of any experience to join us. All that we ask is that you are dedicated to the sportand are able to aquire some of your own MTP/WDPM/DDPM BDUs - we are undecided as of yet (and hopefully, if you don't already have one, a gun); having your own gun and gear will benefit both you and us but is not essential.

    There are a couple of fields that are nearby for us to play at - Dragon Valley Airsoft, C3 Tactical, Black Ops Cribbs, Spartan Airsoft, Task Force Skirmish and Bristol Airsoft. These are not set in stone, although they are the closest fields to us.

    If anyone is interested in joining, or would like some more information, please send a PM to myself and combatmachine and leave a post in this thread.
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    Also we shall be recruiting from gloustershire area ( if thats how it spelt)