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SP3CT3R's WIP/Tech Thread

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I've been seeing so many tech/WIP threads, so I decided to make my own. I'll post details about projects, builds, and other similar subjects. First off, my KC 02 just got here from Ocrambro. Super accurate, and in very good condition. :D
I found out that there was a Modify Torus gearbox in a boneyard WE Scar 16 AEG I bought awhile back. I just a couple days ago decided to finally open that gun up & see what's inside it. So now I'm taking parts out of my M4's gearbox and making a better one with some of the Modify parts.
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My M4 is shooting really well now. Sanded down the excess length on the retro arms nozzle, and it fed a pmag full of .28s with maybe one skip. Accuracy is pretty good with the new compression setup. No air leak at all. Now I just need some KC 02 mags, an NPAS, and a dye I4 for cqb.:cool:
Yup. And as a recon rifle. Not all the time, my M4 is my main CQB gun.
So I was bored and had no projects.... and decided to mess with a springer. It's a double eagle Sigma that I actually got for free. I improved the air seal, and now I'm going to try to actually give it some hopup. :cool::p
Edit: I'm not positive, but I think the bucking is a VSR/GBB type
Now the inner barrel has a spacer to eliminate wobble. The "nub" on this springer has been carefully crafted out of.... tin foil. I'll test it when I get a chance with some .28's.
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Aim Top green gas arrived. I wanted to test it in my KC 02, but that has to wait till tomorrow. Project Enhanced Springer shall be tested as well.
KC 02's shooting well. The springer thing didn't work, it seems there was too little fps to pass under the nub. I tried making it smaller as well, and that did nothing at all. Oh well, it's just a $5 springer. I took my m4 back apart, because I had somehow managed to forget to correct AOE. I looked at my piston head, and found that it is extremely heavy. I ended up taking the light blue PH out of my scar, which is made by an unknown brand and put it on my original piston. I don't have a chrono yet, but the ROF sounds like it's above 20. Of course I also corrected AOE and greased it, as well as tried a new trigger shim mod and a lighter trigger spring.
Edit: I plan on eventually hpa tapping the KC02:cool:
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Pics make the thread, my man
Ya, I'll add pics when I get a chance;)
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Yellow Office equipment Gas Engineering Pattern

That's probably a really bad pic, but the gold cylinder+black nozzle are the old king arms parts, with a Guarder tappet plate. The piston is unknown, came out the SCAR, and the PH is the old super heavy one.
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I took apart an LPAEG ak, and this is what I found.... Gas Auto part Composite material Cable Electric blue
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So that my previous posts make sense, here are some pics.
Automotive tire Hood Motor vehicle Rim Gas
This is the trigger shim mod. Basically I just glued a few layers of thin, stiff cardboard on the trigger, as you can see.
Crankset Steering part Bicycle part Rim Automotive design
This is the Modify "modular gearset" that came in the Torus I got in my scar.

Office equipment Office supplies Gas Machine Trigger
Here's my current compression setup. Unknown black cylinder & red CH, Modify Torus tappet, Lonex red piston, ACM PH, and a Retro Arms nozzle. O rings stretched & lubed, AOE corrected, inside cylinder cleaned and a perfect air seal.
Product Technology Font Engineering Electronic device
My Umbrella Armory tech mat... pretty awesome
E/ the piston was actually Aim Top. Blue PH was Dboys, red PH and CH SHS, cylinder was JG.
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I did some experimenting and flat hop'd an ACM bucking. Took apart my Modify hopup unit and it's pretty decent quality, I shimmed the arm though. Also found out that the bucking in it was probably a Lonex 70 as it's black, hard & appears to be good quality. I'm going to see what accuracy I can squeeze out of it with a tuned chamber, then probably flat hop & eventually r hop. The barrel is a 6.03 JBU, I don't know if they're any good but that's what came in it when I got it. I got this gun in a trade a while back for my old VFC MP5, and only recently got into teching so I'm now finding out whats in it.
It'd keep the gears from leaning to one side or the other when trying to close the gearbox shell, and would take care of half the shimming for you.
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Ya it is kind of weird. It looks like it needs a ton of shimming on the sector, but when the gearbox is closed it tightens up. I'll run it til I want different ratio gears. The gearbox right now has proprietary bushings that are wide enough to fit the gearset, so it's not possible to use different gears until they are replaced. I can use my king arms shell I have laying around, it's not being used for anything. I'll post a current parts list later.
Current parts list for my M4 (pretty much everything in it), subject to change:

Gearbox & small parts:
Modify Torus GB shell, radiused, polished
Modify bushings
Modify AR latch
Lonex chrome COL
WE SCAR trigger, M4 was slightly off spec in this GB
Red trigger contacts
Wired to deans
11.1 15C 1100 mAh lipo
SHS high torque
Modify modular 16:1's
Metal spring guide (are spring & spring guide in the drivetrain?)
Unknown spring, m100 maybe?
Lonex red piston
AOE corrected
Compression parts:
ACM blue PH
JG black cylinder
Unknown red aluminum double o ring CH
Modify tappet w/ cutout, front sanded
Retro arms CNC o ring nozzle
Perfect air seal
Accuracy parts:
Modify accurate unit, shimmed arm, modded to be super tight
Lonex 70, trimmed, soon to be flat hop'd
Various nubs
JBU 283ish 6.03
M&P 15 lower
LE stock, maybe someday I'll replace it
KWA(?) upper
KWA SR10 rail, very MK18ish
10" outer barrel
KX5 amplifier
Fakepul tan RVG
Aim "oper8r":cool: red dot
Terrible a2 grip, soon to be replaced with a ZCI w/ a removed finger groove & sanded sides:)

Future ideas:
SHS blue lightened piston
SHS 13:1's
Mosfet, Nukefet or maybe one from somebody on here
Flat hop(very soon)
R hop
Lapped barrel
Different stock

This was a pretty long list. If there's any interest I'll post my hopup mod, it's mostly taken from the Holy Grail of DMR Building. Thank's if you read through it, tell me if I should change anything:)
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I took apart an LPAEG ak, and this is what I found.... View attachment 145271
If you just glance at the picture it looks like a dead rodent....specter killed a mouse lol
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Edited my parts list.
So I know this isn't an extreme test, but I just tested my KC 02 in 58°. It shot well with no noticeable difference in performance. When I shot quickly the mag would freeze after ~10 shots. I waited for it to warm back up and it was fine. Tomorrow(most likely) I'll test it in ~50° or so.
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