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Discussion in 'Utah Airsoft Forum' started by sirz345, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. sirz345

    sirz345 New Member

    I am a member of an airsoft team called Spartan legion in Utah county. If you are interested message me for details.

    We usually play on Saturday afternoons from 3-6 every OTHER weekend. We accept all players above the age of 12 but you must bring a rifle and pistol as equipment, you also must provide your own ammunition until your an actual member. We are MILSIM and because of this you must have a callsign to join.

    Once you join I will get your phone number and call or text you of all upcoming events, you must show up to one skirmish to join and you must get atleast one kill. Message me for further details, airsofters that take sport seriously only.
  2. kadenm55

    kadenm55 New Member

    Where in utah county cuz I'm 13 and I live in spanish fork ut

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  3. wesrob21

    wesrob21 New Member

    Where are you guys out of?

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  4. samgundy

    samgundy New Member

    Im 12 and in Spanish fork im interested text me details back using this app
  5. nightraven687

    nightraven687 New Member

    Where is this located. I'm very new but I'm looking for a group in or around draper Utah
  6. Xelleld

    Xelleld New Member

    Where are your team's main areas of operation? I'm in Draper and considering joining up. Don't expect to meet me until I can prove that you are trustworthy, however. Nothing personal, just the fact that I don't happen to know you.