Speedball Games. The value of prime real estate.

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    There's always going to be a game or two where everyone wants some fast paced, burn through as much ammo as you can action. Places where these type of games are usually played are on fields of smaller size or larger fields that are shrunk down to accomidate the kind of action everyone wants. Bounderies are established and everyone lines up for the GO.

    There is going to be a lot of shooting, running and shooting, cover fire, shooting shooting, more shooting, and shooting at the guys who are shooting at the shooters shooting their guns at other shooters.

    Take your time digesting all of that. I'll wait...
    Welcome back!

    The idea here is to gain as much of the field as you can off of the word go. Establish who is going to move up the farthest, who is going to move up between the base and the front line and who is going to stay back with their longer range guns and shoot to cover the guys moving until their fingers bleed.

    The guys running headlong into the action (frontline) are going to want to have short, light, small, weapons with as little equipment as they can. They want to be fast, light, and aggressive. Off of the word go, they need to rush up and take as much playing area or Real Estate as possible.

    The guys who are running up kinda in between the frontline guys and the guys in the back of the field are still going to need to be kinda quick but be able to fill any position on the playing field. If a guy up front gets waxed, he needs to be able to fill that position. Likewise, if a guy towards the back gets shot out, he needs to be able to run back and assume the job of providing lots of cover fire.

    The guys who are sitting back laying down the cover fire are the guys that have ammo for their ammo, SAWs, and long range capability. They're the guys who are shooting over everyone elses heads to try and deny the enemy real estate, as well as, covering his teammates while they move up. The idea with all this mess is that as a whole, the group needs to move up as your real estate comes available. Aggression is key in this kind of game.

    But what if I'm the sneaky kinda guy with the really sooped up bolt gun and a ghillie suit that took me a month to make?

    You get the fun job.

    You want to move (at a relatively fast but stealthy way) to get to the flanks of the field and hit your enemies from the sides (and if lucky, the rear). Your job is to further deny enemy troop movement and ensure that the enemy doesn't gain any of that precious real estate.

    In this type of game, there is going to be a whole lot of CHAOS. People screaming over eachother as well as their gunfire. You as a player need to be calm and collected and be ready for anything. Just be as confident as you can be in yourself (in a realistic way please) and let whatever happens, happen. The beautiful thing about airsoft is that situations change in a moments notice. Anyone can win. Anyone can lose. Don't get too highstrung if you go on a killing rampage or are on the winning team every game. Eventually, your luck will run out, that's just the way the game works.

    I'm Edonkulation, see you on the field!
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    This is dead on... Lol
    I've got a 5 acre farm with plenty of barns, sheds, open space and sparse shrubbery, and it's exactly the kind of battlefield you're talking about. Firefights, prolonged cover fire, and mad rushes are common. Teamwork and tactics are critical.
    Although ghille suits and sniper rifles haven't come into play yet, we still "snipe" with our aeg's and spring shotguns.