Spot Weld Gears? (Opinions from Welders and Techs are welcomed)

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    Hey guys I came across

    Had to use google translate. It briefly talks about an airsoft smith who spot welds their sector gears and possibly other gears as well. I hear they normally do it on the first and last tooth of their sector gear to reinforce the teeth for setups using high springs. Too bad they don't tell you how they do it. Suppose to be a 'secret'. So lets be discreet.

    I only broke two sector gears in my airsoft life (Since 2006) and highest setup I run is SHS M170 on SHS 32:1 gears. Still going strong even though its been only about 4000 bbs. I'm just wondering if you guys find this mod beneficial for high spring users and would like your opinions.
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