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Discussion in 'Sniper Rifles' started by nman976, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. nman976

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    I am looking for a spring sniper rifle that is pretty good in the 150-220 price range. I do not want gas as I have been airsofting and ran out of it on the 2nd clip. I have already thought about an echo 1 m28 but I wanted to see if there was anything better
  2. dylan484

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    Jg bar 10, can't go wrong there. Spend the extra money on some upgrades like hop up bucking or if you have an extra aeg barrel you could get the pdi hop up chamber.

    Also ranger on this forum makes m28 piston if you go with the m28, their pistons are the first thing to go.

  3. Ranger

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    Thanks Dylan.. Some people knock the M28, personally I didnt care for the Bar10.. It was too light and cheap feeling for me.. and compared Stock Bar10 to the stock M28, "In my opinion the M28 not only shot straighter, but further as well.

    Like Dylan said though, the M28 comes with a crap stock plastic piston and will for sure blow out in about 800 rnds. I make aftermarket pistons for the M28 as well as other bolt action rifles.

    I'm not saying the Bar10 is a bad rifle, I'm just saying when I compared the two that I owned, to my M28.. The M28 was better.

    There are a few small issues with having an M28 though.
    1. The parts are only made for the M28, therefore there are no aftermarket hopup units. "Just dont break the stock one"

    2. Pistons and cylinders are made only for the M28, also no aftermarket pistons or cylinders. "Except my pistons currently"

    I do plan to make cylinders VERY soon. And I also have someone to possibly start making hopups for the M28.

    Of course its totally up to you, and I'm certain someone will come and tell me how wrong I am soon..lol.. There are a few people that dont like the M28, mainly due to lack of aftermarket parts..
  4. recon_airsoft

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    Would a TSD sd98 be good? Cuz that's what I am looking at, all I have now is the a&k dragunov and my Ghillie Suit
  5. kloit

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    Just upgrade your dragunov. There are actually plenty of parts for it.
  6. EDI1st

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    Fountain Valley
    Classic Army M24, blows everything out of the water.
    There isn't plenty of parts for the A&K SVD....barely even any...
  7. kloit

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