SR-12/10 or Magpul PTS Masada

Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by Ian5538, Nov 8, 2012.

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    ^ title explains all. Which gun will be better for me, I like mid to longe range engaments and I know you guys will say SR-12 but ITS BEING DISCONTINUED ( sad I know) but that will be if I can buy one. So I would like to know pros and cons of each and the range of all guns and internally which is better, thanks!
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    Doesn't matter how quick you "need" - or better word in this situation would be "desire" an answer, this forum has rules.

    If you were really desperate you'd hop on Google and YouTube and do some research instead of expecting to be spoon fed.

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    The 10/12 will perform almost the exact same with maybe a slight fps change and a not noticible range change. (Under 5 feet)

    The magpul pts GB is a load of garbage that needs alot of work. PM I believe protectionperfection as his bit the dust and replaced it with a heavily modified P* engine.

    I would look into picking up a VFC, CA, G&P, or G&G replica and building our own custom build. IMO they are better out of the box then what guns you have posted are more worth the money and time upgrading.

    If I had to choose of the 3 you posted id get the 10, klinefrog had one for a bit and it was nice, but both of us were not impressed at all for how much he layer for it.
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    Ok I pm'd u on details