Src dragon series SR4-C

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  1. LewisWilliams

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    i gave a Src dragon series SR4-C

    im new to airsoft and i want to know, how can i increase my range on the gun, its not the best. what upgrades can i do to it to increase the range.

    and does anyone know what mags it uses?

    also its shooting between 300 and 310 fps, what upgrades can i do to get it to 350 at the max as thats the limit at my local site as its cqb.

    all i know is that it has a v2 gear box. any help would be appreciated


    Lewis :)

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  2. xxxRJRxxx

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    You can get a tight bore barrel and install an r-hop for better range and grouping. Also do the typical correction of AOE, shim, and regrease. For the fps, an m100-m110 spring should get you around 350 or so. Although, 310 is plenty. If your field limit is 350, its better to be under.

    Hope I helped.
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  3. LewisWilliams

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    hey man thanks fot the reply, could you explain for me what correction of the AOE is and shim

    thanks xD
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    In this section you posted in. There are stickies explaining this at the top. Read through some of them and it should give you an idea on how to do it or link you to other posts that explain how to do it.