Src v2 Gearbox Problems

Discussion in 'Gun Building, Modifications & Repairs' started by mach1airsoft, Sep 24, 2012.

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    Ok, I am very experience with working on gearboxes, but this has me stumped. I shimmed, and put a m130 spring in my v2 src gearbox( already has other upgrades) and whenever I put the motor in it doesn't pull back the spring it just clicks. I have took the gearbox apart twice, switch the wires on the motor, turn the motor 180 degrees. The ARL is ok to, I check that. Please help I don't have a clue.
    Oh the motor is a jg blue. Also I full charged 9.6v battery.
  2. SunSpectre

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    Right, take off the motor plate and take out your motor. Connect the motor to the wires correctly but do this with it outside of the pistol grip, so that its not contacting the gears. Put your battery in and pull the trigger briefly, I'd put your finger on the motor pressing it on to the a desk horizontally so it doesn't fly off. If the motor runs your wiring is ok and so is your motor. If they are ok then the spring you got might have been mislabel and is above a m130, or your motor height wasn't right. (it could be too tightly shimmed so maybe try loosening it)

    If the motor doesn't turn outside of the gun then its either wiring or the motor. There are those neat little kits that test im current/voltage is running through wires if you have one of them handy but if you don't borrow a friends motor and see if it works, if so its your motor that needs replacing. Also try your motor in a friends gun (of m130 or less spring) and see if it turns (outside the gun... or even pulls the spring) if it does then your wiring may be the issue. If this doesn't help or diagnose the problem its beyond me :L