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    TL;DR: The local field is lacking in rentals, my goal is to have spare guns for people. What guns would you recommend seeking out?


    Our local paintball field runs a day of airsoft every other Sunday; paintball is the primary focus and airsoft is a secondary thing, that's fine by me - field time is field time.

    We had three new participants last weekend, two kids and a father. The father had called in advance about renting equipment, the field had replied that around half a dozen guns were kept for renting out. However, the field neglected to share the fact that only one of the guns was functional.

    Our referee explained to me that the other guns had been broken for weeks because the cost of repair is 'too high'. The father opted out for the day but the two kids had to share the rental gun. It frustrated me enough that near the end of the day one kid was using my gun, leaving me with just my CO2 pistol.

    In the end, the poor management of the field has spurred me to seek out reliable, stable, yet economical guns to either rent or even share with new participants. My initial thought was to sift through the buy/sell part of the forum for guns like JG M4's, DBoys M4's, CYMA AK's etc.

    First, is this a good idea? What would you do in this circumstance? Second, is this a solid list of guns? What guns would you recommend seeking out?

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    Well I first wanted to say that you were being very considerate for loaning one of your guns to the kid. Now assuming you do not work at the field, I think you have a couple things to consider. If you were to loan out a couple guns to people here and there, you need to keep in mind that they are putting rounds through the gearbox and wearing the gun, that you paid for, out.

    Also, you and I both know that if someone breaks one of your guns, chances are they won't reimburse you unless they are a responsible adult. I have seen **** like that happen to me.. twice actually, and I know it's not cool when it's your guns taking the fall.

    I don't know if you are charging them for rentals, but if not you should highly consider the above factors before buying guns to lend to people. If you do charge them then I think your set because it covers partial costs of any damage that may occur to the gun.

    You can buy some pretty cheap CYMA AK's that are outstanding, and I know that DBoy Full Metal M4 RIS is awesome as well. Really anything made by JG, DBoys, and CYMA can usually be found on these forums for less than $100 (depending on the model). They should last quite a while too, and I know the people using the guns will be extremely happy with the gun's performance.

    Overall I think what you are doing is really cool and it's nice to see someone look out for others when they are in a bad position like the example you gave. I hope this works out for you mate, good luck!

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    This particular situation, I can't help but blame on the field ENTIRELY. Unless they have inexperience techs or techs who don't fully know what they're doing, the price to fix guns shouldn't be crazy high. Typical problems with rental guns are usually cheap fixes. Further more, when the price to repair the gun becomes too great, you use THAT gun as parts to fix other guns. It honestly sounds like bad management or bad techs.

    But I digress... Your JG, DBoys, CYMA, and Lonex are typically your best budget guns, of course varying from one variant to another.
    But ultimately, I would browse through this thread:
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    I would also browse through the classifieds here to find cheap M4s and AKs floating around, those are going to be your most solid bet. Always pick the AK though.
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    Yeah, my expectation was to rent, around $10 for the day. If the gun cost me around $100 plus a bit of time, then one summer gives me a decent ROI. However, in my mind it's not about the cost. If $200 for two spare guns helps two of the new kids have a good summer, then that's enough ROI for me.

    Can you elaborate on this recommendation? Not against AK's, just how is it that the AK's are so reliable?
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    Heh, I just like AKs. If I had to guve a reason, a $100 AK vs. a $100 M4, the AK will be higher quality. Typically. :D Also, the high caps are larger.
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    Cyma's AKs are just really well constructed. Just drop in whatever spring you need to bring them to the field's limits and they should last for a goodly while.

    Also, their $100 CM028 is about on the same level, internally, as the JG M4s up through the $150 range or so, while their steel-bodied guns are a bit better than the JG Enhanced M4s.

    Affordable and reliable, though, you could look at some of the Dboys steel AKs. They often go down to the $120 range for the skeleton stock ones in both full length and the 74u.

    If you're planning on renting them out, I'd definitely say to go for metal or plastic AKs, or for plastic M4s. JG's plastic bodies are just fine, they're actually the base guns for what my local field rents out, and they don't exactly use high quality metal in their metal bodied guns. One advantage to the AK is that stamping out a rectangular box from steel is a lot cheaper than having to cast or mill out an M4 receiver, so you can get higher quality metal at the same price point.
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    Try the MP5 Broxa. Rock solid gun. A local field has them as rentals. 3 years of use no issues with the 15 they have. I've had one for 6 years only changed out the hopup rubber once.
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    All I have to say is the CYMA ak105 replica is a tank, and the best purchase I have made for $96 on evike. I would buy it again if it was truly all steel, but that's why E&L exists.