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Just finished (for now) another hi capa build.
My Staccato inspired build.
Parts list as follows.

Nova STI Staccato G2 grip
Gunsmith Bros Staccato style slide
Edge BBU
Guarder enhanced nozzle
140% aip nozzle spring
120% aip recoil spring
Edge guide rod and plug
5KU threaded outer barrel
PDI 6.01 inner barrel
ML 70* Decepticon bucking
Stock TM hop chamber
Edge S2 trigger
Guarder trigger bar
140% aip hammer spring
Airsoft Masterpiece hammer kit
Airsoft Masterpiece sear spring
Cowcow fire pin lock and disconnector
Airsoft Masterpiece slide stop
Aip fiber rear sight
Cowcow front sight
Factory TM frame (for now)
Guarder LW magazine with pts base
GMConn 1200 lumen light

I may swap over an Airsoft Masterpiece steel barrel and Guarder frame from another build at some point.
But for now this thing runs like a top!
Whatcha guys think?

Green Light Product Air gun Trigger

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Usually not too keen on hicapas but this one is really nice!
Like the clean look.
Must have taken some work to get the parts from all of those different manufacturers working together.
Thanks! It took a little work, but nothing too bad. Mostly fooling with nozzle spring types to get bbs to feed properly and hammer springs to get it to not light strike the nine ball valves I'm using in the mags. A little bit of slide fitting, as it was a little on the tight side. While I was at it, I also shimmed the hop chamber to be tight on the frame, to reduce any barrel slop.
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