Stag Arms AR15 with lots of addons and accessories

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    port st lucie
    This sweet AR/ Sniper rifle configuration was not really a hobby of mine, but family members. I do not know all the specifics because this is not my field. I am trying to raise funds and would like to sell this.
    The AR is heavy duty, has suppressor, scope, flashlight attached to side, laser sighting/dot projection. Very nice case and extra life battery with multiple charging ability. Comes with new mask and ballistic vest + 6-8 clips, sidearm holster. The clips are both extra capacity (hold 1000-2000), I can't remember all that he told me. Please feel free to ask questions and I will do my best to answer.
    I would most likely want to do this local (in S. Florida) Unless there is a safe way to ship it all (legally)
    This setup cost him over $1000 when he was putting it together, If is all in excellent condition with very little sign of use. It is used and I am looking for best fair offer.
    Not sure if it is required to add a specific price but $650 obo is what I would guage it at, feel free to correct me on pricing estimate.

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