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    Are you a lurker on these facebook pages? Ever wanted to play airsoft but didn't want to shell out tons of money for a setup WITH the gun? This is a great package for you.

    What does it come with?
    1 x Combat Machine (Perfect condion 350fps w/ .25 gram bbs)
    1 x Eotech 551
    1 x For grip
    3 x High cap mags
    1 x Mid cap mag
    2 x 1600 MAH 9.6 V Stick Type Batteries
    1 x Tenergy Universal Smart Charger
    1 x Save Phace Full Seal Face mask (

    Any issues?
    None at all this is a great starter pack for those interested in getting into airsoft. Or those looking for more gear or even those looking for a gun to upgrade.

    What am I asking? Lets break down the price
    I am looking to sell this package but will trade for anything GBB, that included handguns or rifles. Or upgrades or mags for WE platform rifles.

    GUN - $120
    Eotech - $40
    Grip - $7
    High Caps - $15
    Mid Cap - $5
    Batteries - $15
    Charger - $15
    Mask - $25
    Total - $242

    I am asking $225 for the package, everything included here will allow someone to play at any field even indoors if they want. All you have to do is supply the batteries. $225 is an OBO price, trade value would be $250 or more depending on the trades. $225 does not include shipping unless you talk me into it. Shipping would be ~$20 depending on how retarded USPS is usually. Shoot me an offer through PM. If you think my price is too high but still want to offer send me a PM.

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    If you don't manage to sell it as a package, then please PM me about the 551 and the batteries. Thanks!

  3. RicoTheNinja

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    If I do I will let you know, the pricing does not include shipping atm but will be discussed if I decide to part.

    Also BUMP
  4. RicoTheNinja

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    Price drop to 200

    pm me if interested
  5. RicoTheNinja

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    The bump game is strong
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    Grosse pointe