Starting a team in Middle Tennessee!

Discussion in 'Tennessee Airsoft Forum' started by tjlac, Oct 20, 2012.

  1. tjlac

    tjlac New Member

    I am starting Sierra 6 "Screaming Eagles" in the Middle Tennessee area. It is a solid Mil-Sim team, with most of the inspiration coming from the 101st airborne division in Fort Campbell.

    I am looking for any and all recruits to join the team! It is a great opportunity to get on the ground level of a future team. Most (90%) of the practices/games will be at Bad Karma Airsoft in Lebanon, Tn.

    Call or text for more info!
    845 467 5155
  2. weedle

    weedle New Member

    I'm new to airsoft and looking for people to play with, and learn more about the sport. I live only a few miles from Bad Karma, im free to play most weekends. If your team is still together and your looking for new members let me know. you can call or text (615)428-5530

  3. soviet

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    Sadly I'd join you, but I run a Russian airborne load out, but I'd love for you guys drop by Resurrection airsoft! In Cookeville TN.