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    So, for Government class, I'm required to write a letter to Senator Boxer regarding S. 213. I was wondering if anyone would happen to know statistics of people mistaking airsoft guns for real guns and statistics relating to people who carry airsoft guns in public and are shot by police. Any contributions are appreciated.
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    S. Florida
    I doubt that stat will be readily available, especially over the entire country. You're best to focus on a single state or small portion of the US and go thumbing through articles putting together this info for the stat yourself.
    You'd likely have to look into gun crimes, and dissect them to find out if real or fake guns were used. A pain of ajob, but the best way to get your answer and show proof if someone questions it.

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    You could also search google scholar for some papers on the subject. There might be a few people who researched the same as you did.

    It might have been about Gun Crimes and has a dissection TheOnlyBuster mentions.
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    There's almost no statistics on things like that.

    The FBI has some numbers, but there's not a lot.


    While this isn't what your teach wants, the reality is there's only three things in your letter that matter:
    1. Are in his district (i.e., able to vote against his re-election)?
    2. What law/issue?
    3. Are you in favor or against?

    Some intern is going to simply compile a count of how many people contacted for/against, and it'll end up in a report that the senator will probably never even look at.

    I'd recommend short letters so you can at least save the intern some time and reduce the chance of confusion.