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Staying in Nevada and I have the airsoft itch

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Hello fellow airsofters, I have the airsoft itch and have been spening allot time in NV lately. I've been an avid airsofter since 2002. Mostly on and off.

I actually live in San Francisco and grew up there but have been staying in NV(Goldfield) allot to help my pops who lives here.

I usually play at Gamepod, Fort Ord or private games all over the Bay Area. I brought my stuff from San Francisco to try out airsoft here as I'm used to playing the same fields. I stay in the middle of nowhere and don't have any active fields nearby.(that I know of).

I met some of the nicest people and most generous people in this state I have ever experienced anywhere. Although, some of the friends i have met here have have warned me people from CA are disliked here. I hope you guys can look pass this if true, I love NV and its scenery and isolation and respect the state and the land.

I am just looking for a place to play. I was never in the military but have played milsim games which are lightly milsim. I come to you humbly.

Are there any active fields or places to play nearby? Maybe hidden teams in Tonapah? If not, I may have to drive to Carson City or South down the 95(i stay on the 95 in Godfield) to Las Vegas.

Thanks guys, I hope to play soon.

I hope to here from someone, I have the airsoft itch badily.
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Check out ACE Airsoft in Boulder City on Facebook.
Check out ACE Airsoft in Boulder City on Facebook.
Is that Southern Nevada's only field?

Wow, what the whole central Nevada is void of airsoft. They seem to play monthly, that means everyone has to wait a while to play. Are there no active fields?

I saw a place called NVExtreme in parumo the website was off though, RIA Reno indoor airsoft doesn't seem to exist. Where do active.players go? Or is it all private?
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