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    To all unaffiliated players in the New Mexico Area:
    I am Commander Tcheschelsky of the New Mexico Contingent of Steel Rangers Airsoft. We are currently in the process of recruiting new members to boost our numbers sufficiently to make our quota for Operation Fallen Sky. All interested applicants should PM me on this site or email me at [email protected] for registration. Registration requirements follow.
    To be considered, you MUST:
    Own and maintain (Or be able to purchase within 1 month) a skirmish- to operations-grade loadout, including a primary and secondary weapon, as well as all the equipment necessary to properly use said weapons.
    Own a FULL set of Green, Tan, or Multicam BDUs/ACUs, with identifying nametape if possible. Nametape is not yet a requirement. Belts and harnesses qualify as "required equipment" to operate a loadout.
    Own a FULL-SEAL face mask or set of goggles. Lower-half protection is recommended for goggle-users but not required.
    Be aware of standard operating procedure and general airsoft rules and regulations. I recommend the American Milsim site for their rules list, as it extensively covers all possible topics. However, not all of their rules apply to Steel Ranger Airsoft, so do not expect everything to be a perfect match. Rule pamphlets will be handed out at in-person meetings, if you qualify.

    If you meet all of these requirements, or will be able to within one month, please contact me at the provided email address. Hope to see you all on the field.
    -Commander Tcheschelsky