STEEL vs. BRASS Guarder 6.02 TBB?

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  1. MADR77

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    Simple question, which one the better barrel:

    Stainless Steel or Brass TBB? Both barrels are made by the same company (Guarder), same length (73mm), and bore size (6.02). I should note that the weight of the steel barrel is 15 grams and the weight of the brass barrel is 30 grams.
  2. Dannyboyextreme

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    Stainless steel is the better choice.

  3. MADR77

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  4. snapshot311

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    Brass is soft. I need some Stainless I my life.
  5. MADR77

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    Well then looks like I am getting the stainless barrel thx
  6. airsoftmaniacman

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    What matters most is the quality of the barrel (conc., str., rug.).

    Stainless steel has superior physical properties such as resistance to oxidization, greater vibration resistance, and durability, but its durability also makes it extremely hard to polish or lap. Brass is far easier to get a better surface on than steel.
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  7. Rushin

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    Pretty much. When we're machining parts in the factory it takes almost double the time, and it's nearly impossible to drill or hand-tap out. Which is what you want.
  8. kozicki

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    But if you stabilize a brass barrel and lap it would it be better than the steel? Since it has a better surface finish and wouldn't vibrate.
  9. TheAirsoftTech

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    What matters most is quality, correct. But second is material.

    While stainless steel barrels have optimal qualities such as resistance to oxidization and durability over brass, it doesn't have as good of vibration resistance as brass.

    Take the brass barrel, and tap it against something solid and metallic. Hold it up to your ear.
    Now take the steel barrel, an do the same.
    Which one vibrates longer?
    The steel.

    While steel is more durable, it isn't as vibration absorbing as brass.

    Take the brass and steel barrel, and lap them. You will notice that the brass does perform better, but will begin to deteriorate more quickly than the steel. Brass wears out rather quickly, steel, on the other hand, doesn't.
  10. airsoftmaniacman

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    Regardless of the vibrative properties, stainless steel is still a far better material.

    Thermal expansion of stainless steel is much less than brass, and if you've stabilized your inner barrel, the actual amount of vibration that occurs should be null.

    Additionally, there is speculation amongst the musical community that stainless steel is actually less vibrative than brass.

    Also, steel is stiffer, which results in a "reduction in vibration disturbances."

    You could argue that brass does a better job at absorbing vibrations because of its density, but that assumes you can get the steel to vibrate in the first place. Also, vibrative properties aren't that important until you reach the resonant frequency of the material, and that's unlikely to happen.
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  11. TheAirsoftTech

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    Oh I certainly agree. I don't use brass barrels due to how quickly they malfunction.

    But, let's remember we aren't dealing with pure metals here.

    You're assuming thermal expansion is a significant variable in the function of the barrel. It's quite incredibly a negligible variable.

    On the musical note (no pun intended), I'm not sure I agree with that one. I highly doubt, since brass and steel both vibrate at near identical levels, that it would make such a difference. The steel mouth piece does much more for comfort and sound production; not so much the carrying of the sound and prevention of unwanted vibration.

    Both of these metals vibrate, but it is due to brass's very high density that makes it a "better" barrel.

    I was hoping you'd say that. This argument, for all intensive purposes, becomes void as soon as you stabilize the barrel. Which is a common practice among many techs.

    However, steel, in my opinion, is a better barrel. It will almost never wear out and can be machined incredibly precisely. If you gave me a choice between a brass barrel and a steel barrel I'd choose the steel barrel due to its inherit properties. Sure the brass will perform better due it's properties, but it will wear out so quickly when it's properties are taken advantage of, that it's almost a waste of money.

    This argument is one of those things techs have been arguing forever. On paper, they should perform the same, however, in reality, they're slightly different. This is why the Miracle barrel is the "beat performing" barrel on the market, while PDI is he "best" barrel on the market.
  12. Zardichar

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    There is no way that brass barrel weighs that much. Some quick napkin math makes the steel barrel weight about right, but brass is not 2x denser than steel.

    As for the original question, don't get a Guarder barrel. But if you have to, get the one that is more expensive.