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    So lately I've been getting really into airsoft and how airsoft works. I always try to stayed away from the tech because it intimidated me on how there are so much things going on. Today, I wanna face my fears. I really want to be dedicated into airsoft tech-ing but I don't know where to start! I'm tired of spending vast amounts of money going to an airsoft store and letting them fix my guns! I have a Krytac Trident SPR Mk2 and I want to Polarstar it. I heard it's fairly easy to install them by yourself but I don't know anything inside a gun and I don't wanna break my baby. My local store is charging me $75 just to install it in so I figured I might aswell do it by myself. I know there are tons of airsoft veterans who mastered airsoft tech in this site! Any tips about Airsoft tech for a beginner would be great!! :)
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    YouTube is your friend, trust me. Go on YT, and just start watching videos of different methods and issues. You'll find a lot of useful information.

    Suggested searches:

    Airsoft gearbox issues

    Airsoft gun reviews/disassembly/reassembly

    Airsoft how tos/tips/tricks

    That should get you started.