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    So for some backstory, I have been working on customizing my EF CTAR by adding the ARES Tavor barrel to a new body since the previous CTAR body I had, had a broken barrel holder. After a bit of sanding and cutting, I was able to make the ARES Tavor Barrel work (differences between the ARES barrel and the EF barrel is that the ARES is probably 2x thicker.) but now that I have it all installed. The gun doesn't seem to want to feed correctly. Though, I can't be sure about it.

    Essentially what happens is the gun will fire and feed but it will fire off a couple shots, probably 5 or 6, then it will start shooting every other shot. So fire, blank, fire, blank, fire, blank. I have seen this issue with a UAR V2 before but not with my Tavor. So I'm wondering if maybe its due to the high cap mags I have, or if its because the Hopup isn't sitting flush with the mag so it doesn't feed correctly.

    Have any of you encountered an issue like this before? If so, how did you fix it?

    Added some pictures for reference. CTAR Custom.jpg 20210502_125941.jpg
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    I con think of two things.

    Barrel position and nozzle length.

    Shine a light via the loading port and look down the barrel with hop-up off. Does it look like the nozzle is centered? Or is it a hair off?

    Nozzle is the second thing to check after you have confirmed your nozzle is in near ideal alignment.
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