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    Special Warfare Command – SWC
    Recruiting (first time in three years)

    SWC will use 2013 as a year to focus on SWC Airsoft items, such as the M2HB vII, 1919A4 and A6, ACAV M113, and other SimFire weapon Platforms. In addition, we will be revamping our team structure, and recruiting new members. We are ONLY looking for professionals that are interested in MilSim Events and are able to travel.


    SWC was founded in 2007 for, and by, prior service individuals for the purpose of using Airsoft as a tool to attend various MilSim events across the nation. The team has/has had members of all branches of the military, except Air Force, as well as Law Enforcement; however, SWC is not restricted to Military and LE personnel, as we invite civilians alike! We focus on Communication, Tactics, Squad Integrity, Unity, Structure, Honor, and Professionalism. SWC has attended various MilSim events in over fifteen states, as far away as Oklahoma and New York. We will be expanding those to Canada and California in 2013. We are a well-known and established team in the East, and we demand 100% professionalism on and off the field in order to maintain our reputation! So again, we are looking for professionals that are willing to take MilSim to the next level and be part of a unit that acts and performs as such, on and off the field, whether at events, or simply social gatherings.

    Basic requirements include, but are not limited to, the following:

    21 years or older (18 years or older on a case-by-case basis)
    Be willing to travel to National Events
    By in good physical condition (PT is a must for some of the events we attend)
    Be able to attend a minimum of four events a year – either in NC or out-of-state
    Able to attend a minimum of two closed SWC trainings a year (BCT and CQC)
    Have all required gear/uniforms PRIOR to receiving Full Membership
    Be willing to pay for various SWC items – Hat, Patch, Shirt, etc.
    Have the required basic Primary weapons (M4) and sidearm
    Have a great attitude, work well with others, and understand/respect CoC on the field
    Fulfill all requirements of a 6-month probationary period before receiving the SWC patch


    Required Gear for SWC Full Membership:

    Wouxun KG-UVD1P Radio with working PTT and headset (Peltor/Sordin style headsets)
    Working M4 platform with a minimum of 10 midcap magazines – NO highcaps!
    Working sidearm with a minimum 2 magazines
    Set of 3-color DCUs (Combat shirt preferred)
    Set of Woodland BDUs (Combat shirt preferred)
    Tan boots or any variation of Combat shoes
    Black Boots
    OD Rigs, Holster, Accessories
    Tan Rigs, Holster, Accessories
    Tan MICH 2001/OpsCore Helmet
    Green/OD MICH 2001/OpsCore Helmet
    Full Sealed goggles
    Tan Gloves
    Black Gloves
    Weapon Light System of any style
    Proper hydration unit
    Dead Rag

    For any additional information or concerns, please contact us.

    SWC, CO
    [email protected]