Swordfish A4 mp5 full auto won't work

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    I got a swordfish a4 mp5 about 2 months ago in Evike's mystery box. Which is a modified Cyma mp5 from 6mm proshop. The gun seemed to shoot fine on both semi and full auto, but then come my first game with it and I proceed to aim at someone and it only shoots twice then makes me pull the trigger again to get a half shot, and again to only get one shot; all while being on full auto. The gun seems to shoot full auto just fine as long as it is pointed downwards, but as soon as I quickly aim up full auto will quit working. Also, it is not as if it could be a loose wire as I can immediately pull the trigger back after it cuts out and I will be greeted either with full auto for a couple seconds, 2 shots, or a sound and no bb shooting out (half shot).

    Now, if the gun is on semi auto then each shot works perfectly and it sounds good, no matter how quickly I aim at something. However, this is an mp5 that I'm using outdoors, I need to be able to rush and spray full auto with it.

    I have taken the gun apart many times now in hopes of seeing something that would make sense, and have put the fire selector back on so many different times, and exact same result every time; so I don't think it's the fire selector. Something deeper in the gearbox, and that's where my knowledge ends. I can take the barrel out, take apart hopup, get to gearbox, and back together, but splitting gear boxes is something I am not familiar with.

    Any ideas on what is going on so I can try and take a crack at it? I'm already taking a loss from it as I've spent many hours on it; so I don't care about breaking or losing pieces from the gearbox, but would love to be able to save it if possible. I also got a gbb pistol with a leaking mag that would only shoot 5 shots, but thankfully they at least sent me another mag to make up for that. Definitely can't ever recommend a mystery box to someone after receiving 2 malfunctioning items from it however.