Systema PTW 2011 M4 MaxII

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    Up for sale is my 2011 Max II with extras.


    This was originally bought through the Systema PTW forums (original sales thread is here ) in 2012.

    As stated in the original thread it has had the standard Tackleberry mods done:
    -a motor rewind
    -the hop mod
    -moisture proofing
    and it has been wired to standard Deans.

    It has a Magpul trigger guard and Magpul ASAP Sling Plate fitted along with a Madbull Mk18 9" RIS which has been milled slightly to make splitting the receivers slightly easier (also done by Tackleberry).

    Jsmithy added his own paint job which I didn't think I'd like initially but it grew one me very quickly so I have left it as is. I can spray the tip orange for import into the US.


    The cheekrest foam has worn off in many places and the butt plate doesn't clip closed entirely but otherwise it's in perfect working order. I have fitted a couple of cylinder shims to correct upper receiver wobble and it's solid as a rock. I am selling the PTW because I sustained a serious shoulder injury and it's unlikely that I'll be able to use it anytime in the next few years.
    It's currently doing 395 fps with an M110.

    Accessories and Price

    I'd prefer to sell everything in one package as can't use any of it. I will entertain splits but only once the PTW is sold.

    It comes with:

    -Blackhawk! Universal Swift Sling
    -G&P Aimpoint
    -BUIS of unkown brand (I got the rear sight off a PMC and I've forgotten where I got the front sight from)
    -Magpul Ladder style rail covers
    -GG&G RIS mounted sling swivel
    -RSOV brand cylinder shims
    -unknown strength (possibly M115) Systema spring
    -10x Vanaras variable capacity magazines (these have always fed wonderfully)
    -2x Firefox 1200mAh 20C LiPo batteries wired to Deans
    -TM rubberised vertical front grip
    -Systema spare parts BR-029, LR-021, CU-003 (all brand new in packaging)
    -Deep Fire hop up chamber packing (brand new in packaging
    -cleaning rod
    -barrel sock
    -2x low voltage alarms
    -Hard rifle case as pictured

    For all of the above I'm looking for $1270 excluding shipping and excluding any payment fees. I'm willing to ship to any country where airsoft is legal, shipping is at the buyer's risk. I'd prefer EFT but I will accept Paypal.

    The good part, pictures!
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  2. amandla36

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    Cape Town
    Price drop to $1270.

  3. amandla36

    amandla36 New Member

    Cape Town
    Still available, price drop to $1000 negotiable.