Tackling a Electric DMR build

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    Hello Guys,

    I have been doing some research but I still would love some advice from some vets in the area.

    Currently I am running a TM- PRO- VSR10 with a EDGI kit which I installed. I want to build a nice electric DMR type of weapon for when I want to change up my play style or have a buddy that I want to play with me. I plan to spend around $600-$700 on a good build.

    What I want in my gun

    1. FPS 450 (legal Limit on most field in the US I believe)
    2. Semi Auto Only
    3. M4 Platform
    4. Medium weight
    5. Unique Look

    Here are my questions:

    1. Should I start from scratch or buy pre-made to build off of?
    2. Ideal inner and outer barrel length?
    3. Which gear box to look at and why
    4. Brands to stay away from
    5. Any useful forums on the matter as I literally have 0 experience

    Two parts I wanted to buy because they looked cool xD

    Thank you for your time!

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    If you intend to build a genuine accuratised Airsoft gun then it helps to have a solid base to build on. There are various reasons, but the M4 is one of the worst platforms to try and build a good DMR. If you think about it, the gearbox is secured in the lower receiver, while the hop and barrel rattle around in the upper, which it turn wobbles around on top of the lower, and the outer barrel location isn't much to write home about! . Nothing that can't be sorted, but not the best start!
    One of the best base guns is an Asia spec G&P with the taper fit outer barrel. This will come with one of the strongest stock V2 gearboxes available, a good hop and air seal components. The gearbox shell will need radiusing and the bearings replaced with solid bushes, but keep the bearings for something else as they're excellent, just not suited to high stress builds.
    A good quality barrel with an R hop will be needed to lift heavy BBs. This needs to be stabilised in the outer barrel. If you're using 0.36g BBs then a 330mm barrel with a full air cylinder will give the correct barrel /cylinder volume ratio. Look for Prometheus, PDI and EdGi in order of increasing price and quality.
    A Guarder SP120 spring should be getting you close to 450fps, particularly with a heavy piston. A Cyma metal rack piston with a POM plastic head and the metal weight from the stock G&P piston should be about 31-32g. A bearing spring guide finishes off the compression components.
    A DMR is going to be about trigger response. My preferred set up is a 22TPA motor, 16 :1 gears and 11.1v lipo. This gives a fast cycle time with good efficiency. For the ultimate trigger response then consider a programmable Mosfet like the Gate Titan. This will allow you to use pre cocking, meaning the piston is already pulled back ready to go the instant you touch the trigger. And talking of the trigger it'll also mean you can tune the trigger pull to whatever you want, including a hair trigger set up.

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