Tact Light Recommendations

Discussion in 'General Accessory Discussion' started by theonlyBuster, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. theonlyBuster

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    S. Florida
    Looking for some recommendations for a tactical flashlight.
    - Must be able to mount using a standard flashlight mount (or come with its own if custom) For a Rifle
    - Has pressure or can utilize pressure switch.
    - Preferably effectively bright. As in it puts out a lot of light. Lumens are simply the amount of light emitted, not the overall light's effective brightness
    - Preferably under $75. $100 max
    - I'd like to have a strobe feature
    - Preferably is located state-side

    Side note: If you have one you're willing to sell PM me. Please don't post it here
  2. richman992

    richman992 Well-Known Member

    I bought a bike light that has a rubber strap to strap on your handlebars. It's is SUPER bright, has a strobe feature, and I don't need rails to use it, I can put it anywhere I want, and it was pretty cheap. I just strap it to my barrel, and turn it to the front :)

  3. theonlyBuster

    theonlyBuster Active Member Lifetime Supporter

    S. Florida
    Decent idea, but I'd like something legit and not flimsy. On top of that I'm looking for something with a pressure switch
  4. rich635

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    Los Angeles
    I bought a Surefire M961 for $60, it's very bright, came with a pressure pad, and rails, and built sturdily, however there's no strobe function. I thInk I got it from T-Tiger, but he deleted his classified here. I think I saw him on ASF though.
  5. Shady

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    Check out Ultrafire. I use one andd while it lacks a strobe feature, its brighter than most Surefires I've used. Eats batteries like I eat tacos though.
  6. Landa

    Landa New Member

    agree, i own a ultrafire C8 with the new CREE U2 LED, and its great. 5 modes, strobe included, highest setting 1.2k lumens. VERY bright. Bought a mount for it, 12$ and a pressure switch, 5$, the light itself was 18$. Boom, tact weapon light.

    Another model is the 501B, same performance, looks a bit better, and has lower profile/less bulky, but it has a foggy trow as apposed to the sharp and concentrated trow in the C8. So i recommend the C8.
  7. airsfter123

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    Ladera Ranch
    Look on dealextreme they sell some pretty awesome flashlights for amazing prices.
  8. theonlyBuster

    theonlyBuster Active Member Lifetime Supporter

    S. Florida
  9. Dead Eye

    Dead Eye New Member

    yeah this is not a bad light I got my 5 mode 290 Lumen for around $60 with everything included. check ebay.