Take the plane?

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    Hey guys!

    I'am French and leave in NYC. I haven't been playing for a while and would like to buy a new replica here.

    As I plan to go back to France at some point, I wanna know if it's possible to take the plane with it. Has anyone of you already done that?

    Alternatively, I wanted to ask, is that ok to own a replica in NY? Where do you usually buy them, online?

    Thank you in advance for your replies!
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    While I am not sure if you are able to bring the gun into France due to country specific laws I know many people do bring their guns with them abroad. Another alternative to that is to ship the gun (I prefer this, airports are stressful enough already) to your house in france from NYC and pick it up when you arrive.

    PS I am sorry about the FAMAS

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    Yes I thought about that actually, I might be able to ship it using FedEx or any other transport service of the sort. It will probably be more expensive though...

    Thanks it's a little bit reassuring, I need to know I can bring it back to France for sure if I have to leave the U.S.

    France laws are not strict about that I think, they wouldn't take your AirSoft gun away just because it's an AirSoft gun. I'm more concerned about U.S. laws :cool:
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    First and foremost, let me say consult your airlines, shipping, and specific country laws and regulations on top of whatever advice you get. Rules and regulations tend to change at the drop of a dime, so what worked last month may not the next month.

    That being said, transporting an airsoft gun within the states on a plane is totally legal IF you transport it like a real firearm; declare it, transport it in a locked gun case, and so on. Crossing borders requires a bit more work.
    First you'll need to consult the laws per each country to figure out if the gun is considered a replica OR firearm.
    Following that, consult your airlines and inquire the procedures you need to follow in effort to get your gun from point A to point B. Generally you'd need to put your gun (just the gun, no mags) in a locked gun box and declare it upon getting to the airport.
    The gun box will then be taken as stored luggage and stored under the plane until you arrive at your destination. Obviously it goes without saying that you should NOT attempt to open the gun case while at the airport unless instructed to do so by officer or similar personnel. Some airlines will only charge you the fee of a simple checked-bag, I've heard other airlines charge an additional fee for the gun box. So inquire about that as well. Now I personally have never gone cross borders, let alone France with a gun, so you'd need to inquire about procedures there as well.
    I'd even go as far as to call more than once to verify the info given the first time was correct.

    But yes, I'd recommend shipping in most cases. Shipping is far easier and less of a hassle. The last time I flew with my gun, I sat in a security office for over an hour waiting - apparently they thought I was a terrorist -_- Very annoying. In some cases UPS will hold the package at their office so you can pick it up when you arrive at your location. Plus with how often airlines "loses" and "misplaces" luggage, I feel better with shipping as there's at least tracking so you know where it is OR where it was lost.

    There's a transporting gun thread around here, I'll see if I can find it and link you to it.

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