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  1. stxrus

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    will a bad tappet plate cause mis-feeding and GB lockup?

    battery is good & charged. when the trigger is pulled there is a single clicking sound from the GB but nothing happens. it's not fused so i can't quickly determine motor issue. it wamis-feedingng really bad so i replaced the bucking and it worked fine for about 200-250 rounds and then locked up.

    my little experience has me leaning towards tappet plate

    hope that's enough info to get some good feedback
  2. marine121496

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    ....replacing the bucking would have nothing to do with the gearbox not cycling. Anyways, have you checked if the motor height is adjusted? Loosing the screw under the motor grip slightly.

  3. Bulldawg26

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    What kind of motor are you running? if you are using a SHS high torque, your pinion gear set screw could have come loose. The tappet plate could be the cause of your mis-feeding issue. That would not explain the gearbox lock up though.
  4. stxrus

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    problem solved. first of all i know that the bucking has no relationship to the gearbox. that was information as to what was done before the GB acted up. since the motor was not turning i was pretty sure the pinion wasn't the issue or it would nave screamed like a wild banshee. the issue was the positive clip on the motor wire had a crack in it and was not allowing enough juice to turn the motor over and the GB stopped in mid cycle. replaced the clip and it is working fine. still a little mis feeding so i'm ordering a new tappet plate and some other parts. but it's working for now and is my backup gun.