TBK's I really need money sale

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  1. I dug myself a financial hole from carefree spending, and I need stuff for my jeep more than I need this!
    All prices are OBO, work with me and i'll do my best to work with you.

    Send a Pm if you're interested in anything.

    More pictures of anything available upon request.
    Open to trades of; Gas SMG's, GBBR's and KWA pistols.
    AKM Steel bodied midcaps, M4 mids.
    Plate carriers, related gear.

    CM052 shell and partial GB
    Charging handle is broken, and gearbox is incomplete (missing a bushing that I know of), the body is in a little rough of condition, also missing hopup, but I have the barrel, and the stock plate.
    $70 + shipping


    AK scope mount.
    $20 shipped Sold!


    AK-74u rails.
    Just want it gone as I don't have a gun to put it on.
    Has slight damage, but it does it's job.
    $35 shipped. Sold!


    G&G M14
    Got it in a trade, realized I have little use for it.
    Faux wood stock. five hicaps (will part for $10ea plus ship), Railed front end and scope riser with removed front sight. Tuned GB (Reshim/grease, AOE.) it shoots about 350, i have not chronoed it yet, the max range is probably 150-200ft, has a weaker spring to comply with field regs, just needs a bigger spring.
    $280 shipped


    Real wood stock
    This gun has seen quite a bit in it's lifetime..
    It is missing a wheel on the hopup, otherwise it works just fine.
    It is also missing the pin to hold the stock in, and the fire selector/safety does not function properly. the body is scratched up, but it adds quite a bit to the character.
    These are all extremely cheap/simple fixes.
    $110 shipped.


    Real Sword Type 56-1 #1388 SOLD
    This gun too has seen quite a bit.
    One of the PO's decided to try and convert it to a GBBR, so some of the body rivets are drilled out. The only thing that this affects is that the hopup now moves side to side some, but so long as it is properly lined up, it feeds perfectly. It had some rust in the past that I have done my best to clean up with steel wool and gun oil. Gun feeds and shoots just fine.
    $260 shipped

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    Thoughts on twin kwa mac-11's?

  3. Jojerickson, shoot me a PM, i can consider it depending on what you're interested in.
  4. Love to see this stuff sell, bump.
  5. I want this stuff gone like I want my wallet full, and those things conveniently go together!
  6. I'm at least trying to be creative with my bumps, y'all should buy this stuff.
  7. Real sword is sold, bumparoo!