team from Holland looking for advice on deciding on new sidearm

Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by Nachtdwaler, May 23, 2017.

  1. Nachtdwaler

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    Hi guys,

    Me and my teammates from Holland are looking for a new GBB or GNB sidearm.

    We have been running KSC/KWA G17 for 5 years or so, and due to wear and tear they fail more often than work. My personal experience is that finding parts for the KSC is becoming harder these days, so we're up for trying a new platform.

    We are looking for something reliable, that can be made to work with both 20 degrees celsius and -5 degrees celsius. Also, it would be a plus if spare parts are common.

    So I found these replica's which to my judgment could fit our need, but I would like to hear from you guys:

    -Stark S17 CO2
    -Stark PPQ M2 CO2
    -RWA Nighthawk Custom

    Best regards,

  2. clinicallyproven

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    Those Starks if I'm not mistaken are VFC OEM, and upgrade parts are harder to find. If anything, I suggest you get a KJW KP05, since it should have the aftermarket support of a Hi CAPA and can use CO2 mags for more cold temperatures.