Team Honey Badgers is Recruiting

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    Attention all east coast airsofters in the central new jersey area!

    The Honey Badgers are recruiting! We are a team of good players who focus on tactics and mil-sim operations. We put a large emphasis on communications and squad dynamics so we can ensure victory. If you are in good shape, age 14 or above, enjoy mil-sim, and like to be a part of a fun and dynamic group of airsofters than this is the team for you.

    We are broken up into 3 different squads, assault, fire support and recon. We know budgets are tight but a BDU is highly appreciated. We have a facebook page:
    and our website is still under construction:

    Anyone interested feel free to ask questions, I will attempt to respond as quickly and helpfully as possible.


    Cpt. Alex Duncan
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  2. Kovich_is_kul

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    Would like to to join your airsoft group.

    My real name is brandon and other personal info can be found in my account. I'm In Nj and I'm able to travel to the Warren area were your located. I'm trained in fighting and I'm in shape and a airsofter but I have not been in a milsim group before and I wanted to I could join. And my current personal primary is a KWA raffica M93r. I'm hopeful in a response quickly.

    My thanks, kovich is kul