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    Fellow Airsoft Brethren,
    I'm coming to you asking for your help to get my team into Take AIM magazine. They are have an opening to spotlight a team in an upcoming issue and I have been working so hard to get our team name out there and promoting that this would just be a huge step.
    That is the link. If you have a Facebook account could you please go and like Outsiders Airsoft post there?
    The other teams we are going up against are much more established and already have a name for themselves so we are the underdogs. I think that by getting an underdog team in the spotlight it will help other teams come up and and get serious and it will show them that it is possible to grow from nothing into something.
    Our team started out playing in the back yard a few years ago with crappy LPEGs and we have since moved forward to where we are now. I owe a lot to this forum for passing on the knowledge it has and I would like to make sure that gets noted in the article if we win because without this forum, we would still be CODsofters.
    Thank you in advance for anyone who helps out by liking Outsiders Airsoft entry on that link!
    Joe aka Joker
    Outsiders Airsoft