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    Hi everyone,
    New to the sport and looking for some dependable Airsoft techs in Northern Virginia where I could drop off my gun the next time it breaks or needs some mod work.

    I'm sure there are some on this board, or some of you know a few. Thanks for the help. I did some searches for techs on this forum, but it was hard finding techs that would do for hire work and see what their location was.

    Thanks for the help!
  2. eliteairsoftexperience

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    What's going on man hit me up I can fix upgrade do whatever you need on your gun let me know what your trying to do. 7039091662

  3. eliteairsoftexperience

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    Field start up in northern va. Just outside of culpeper. Here's the deal I have 130 acres and I am working with investors to start a large airsoft business. To start off we will have 130 acres woodland wetland open town areas trails and choke points one major town to start. I need to get 150 likes before I start this operation just to show my investor that people do and want to play. If any of you have ever been to ballahack I will start the same but building faster. In the first year We will provide bbs I few different rental or purchase guns and pre order builds whatever high or low priced custom guns to suit whatever you want. I will be working with the best gun builder on the east coast so no issues. We will have a range crono machine and good marshals. Price will be $30.00 per person all day 9 untill can't play sat and sun with some during the week. We will have a bathrooms. I am going to build a town with one three story building, bunkers, trails and choke points. It's on 130 acres of mostly flat land with trees. That's the first years plan if I maintain 100 players per weekend investors will quickly add more to the field. Second and third year I will add three more towns for more cqb a building where everyone can come in stage gear buy guns and all equipment needed. Also will be adding vehicles dune buggy Humvee Duce with mini guns mounted yes that's right. Also planning for barracks depending on if you would want them. Say pay $75.00 stay all weekend sleep in barracks or camp. My plans are huge for this field in 8 years I will be over 500 acres of playable field. Please send to everyone you know who would play and we can make this happen. If 150 people like this we will open within four months. Any helping hands would be great. If you have questions call me 703 909 1662 Blake thanks and please help out this is a big idea that will not fail with ur help
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    Anything come out of this? Also, are you still working on AEGs?