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    So i currently wanted to upgrade my JG M4 S-System and I wanted to get a metal body for it. The problem that I have is that all the S-System bodies are made out of pot metal and crappy etc. So thing I was wondering is that can a regular M4 body fit on an S-System? I know that S-Systems is an M4 outfitted with a SIR rail but what bodies can fit on my gun since some screws may not line up correctly?
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    Hmm, someone else should chime in to confirm this, but I hear the upper receiver is proprietary for the S system.

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    I'm pretty sure that the receiver is normal, but instead of a normal top rail being screwes into the top, the S system rail takes it's place. You can use another receiver as long as you take the top rail off the receiver before installing the S systen rail on it.
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    Depends. A TM style Reciever is proprietary to itself with its own SIR rail. You'll notice it just by looking at the delta ring.

    The newer versions is a screw on RIS system. Like the DBoys version. Or the hurricane and the old STAR brand SIR RIS kits.

    I don't care for the SIR rails lol. Cause... Eh... Personal preference lol ;)