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Term: American Consumerism does not apply

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I throw this around a lot and lately many are asking for an explanation of this phrase. For posterity I will keep it here, add to it and people can easily find it and link to it:

"American Consumerism does not apply"

It means many things, but mainly, don't expect an Airsoft item to have any level of expectation for an item made for the US market to have any level of "consistency":

Items are not made to any standard of compatibility. - If you buy a 3/8" socket it better be a 3/8" socket. Not a 5/16 or a 17mm. This is not true for Airsoft.

Quality, durability is implied in a product that you buy, especially if the item is licensed - Not true in Airsoft. It's, make the cheapest junk you can and sell it for as much as you can get it because the buyer base doesn't know a good product from a bad product and they know that assumptions are made because it is a "licensed product".

Products have "factory warranties" - No not really. There is a few rare occasion that there is a factory warranty, but 99% of the items you get in Airsoft has "no warranty what so ever".

No truth in advertising - Especially true in Airsoft. Most items are sold on "hype". Many items are sold based on procedures for items made and used in the 1990s.

Items are QC'd. No...not really. If it falls in operational tolerances, it is allowed to be sold.

You can just buy "the" spare part and fix it. Within the last 5 years this is becoming more of a false statement than say 15 years ago when things were more "TM Compatible". Original factory parts are not often available, other makers similar part may not fit.

And several more items...that makes Airsoft not normal for American Consumerism.
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