Teschendorf Field/Open ops 8/12/2012

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    Teschendorf Field/Open ops 8/12/2012

    cost $10.00 a person

    Time will be 10:00 am

    This game is caped at 30 players

    This is a outside wooded area, please bring water and bug spary.

    I will have waviers to be signed before any one hits the field.

    In Mccordsville, Indiana 2307 W 700 N , McCordsville, Indiana 46055

    here are the best directions, i would sugest looking it up on google maps and youll understand how to get there

    From Indy take 70 East to the Mt.Comfort Rd. exit.
    Go North a mile or two past the airport to 700 North.
    (Look for the Champion Lakes sign) Turn right and
    go about 3 miles. The field is on the right about half a
    mile before you get to 200 West. Take the gravel drive slowly
    between two houses one half mile back to wooded field.

    Here are some other directions that might be a little better,

    Take I-70 to Mt. Comfort Rd. Go north a mile or so to rd 600 North.
    Take a right on 600 North go to 200 West, Take a left on 200 West
    Go to 700 North, take a left , the house is on the left side

    All players must have full sealed goggles or metal mesh or stmaped steel / no shooter glasses
    under 18 full face mask,

    All weapons should have the magazine removed when the weapon isn't in use, or when in the designated safe zone.

    All players will observe "No fire" zones at all times.

    Bang Kills: You must have complete control of the situation
    You can only Bang Kill within your minimum

    Once you are hit: Yell "hit" loudly.
    Pull out your red death rag and place it on your head.

    engagement rules

    0-350fps Full Auto, no minimum engagement distance
    350-400fps Full Auto, 20' minimum engagement distance.
    401-449fps Semi Auto only, 75' minimum engagement distance.
    450-600fps Semi Auto only, 100' minimum engagement distance. snipers