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  1. thatoneguy

    thatoneguy New Member

    This is how this RPG works. There are five players (Only if you have received a invitation) it takes three players to pass a vote. IF YOU WHERE NOT INVITED PLEASE DON'T POST. Enjoy!

    (Please be aware that I am no expert on the period or the conflict this RPG is focused on)

    You find yourself sitting behind a M60 light machine gun listening to the steady thump of a helicopter. As you look around, you realize you ARE in a helicopter, flying low over the ocean. You are flying in formation with two other helicopters that you recognize as the iconic Vietnam period “Hueys”. You look to your left and see a smiling young African American man. “Welcome to E company!” he shouts over the thumping rotor. “My names private Davis.” He notices your confused expression. “We’re going to soften up a “gook” village the Vietcong has been known to recruit from. Give ‘em something to think about.” Just as Davis says this, a village comes into sight. “Wait for the signal boys!” yells a pilot. Your helicopter swoops lower, close enough to see the shocked look on the farmers faces. “GIVE ‘EM HECK BOYS” yells the pilot. Davis fires a burst of automatic fire from his M16 at the farmers. They tumble to the ground under the impact of the bullets hitting. Davis looks at you and shrugs. “The lesser of two evils.”

    Do you shoot?
    Do you hold your fire?
  2. Courage

    Courage New Member

    Hold your fire. Let the situation develop.

  3. VTMZ

    VTMZ Active Member

    Yes finally!

    I choose to hold fire
  4. Urbanprodigy

    Urbanprodigy New Member

    Hold fire. I was looking forward to this! Finally
  5. Shiftyshooter

    Shiftyshooter Learn from your mistakes. Lifetime Supporter

    Just today have we closed one RPG thread. Guess what is going to happen to this one.
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