The Airsoft Factory 1 Year Birthday Party! Sunday Oct 21 @ Bridgewater, NJ

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    The Airsoft Factory Presents...
    The Airsoft Factory 1 Year Anniversary Party
    Sunday October 21, 2012 from 11am-5pm EST

    The Airsoft Factory. 5W Chimney Rock Road. Bridgewater NJ

    Registration Fee:
    $35 Game Day Rate includes Prize Raffle Ticket and Lunch


    This Sunday October 21, 2012 will mark the one year anniversary of The Airsoft Factory's Grand Opening Day! It has been one heck of a year, and business has been good, thanks to you! Now, The Airsoft Factory is better than ever and we'll be opening our doors to the public that day to celebrate our birthday in style!

    There will be Random Select Missions staged throughout the day.
    All your favorite missions from the 2012 Season will be featured throughout the day...
    Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, Zombies, Juggernaut, Bank Robberies and many more!
    Lights Out Missions: Bring your Lights and Lazers Out!
    Several chances to win cool Prizes & Giveaways!
    Plus, Lunch and birthday cake will be served for all registered guests. It's going to be an intense day of airsoft! Don't miss out! Bring your friends. Heck! Bring your enemies and shoot the crap out of them guilt-free!

    Log on to for more information on the Largest Indoor Airsoft Arena in the East Coast.

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    EmpireOps will be attending this event! We are a team that values fair play and respect. If anyone sees us say hi!

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    cool! hope to see you there and bringing your A game.

    Just a reminder folks, big birthday party at The Airsoft Factory this Sunday October 21. We're also raffling off a top tier airsoft gun, in addition to a bunch of other prizes. More info at
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    if anyone knows me well they understand that i am not a large perpetrator of Godfather airsoft. HOWEVER if they are giving away as much guns as the hype is showing us, funding this event is going to be a nightmare for however controls their spending. What some people don't account for when ridiculing business is that they forget that no matter the size of the business, they have to pay taxes for their outdoor field, indoor and their store plus for both the indoor and storefront they must pay for electric, air conditioning etc. Also they have to pay their employees somehow. Might i also add that the price is taking into consideration that they must pay for the food that their providing. $35, yes is pretty steep but compared to other arenas (not mentioning names) regular entry fee is $25 which also is the regular entry for the godfather indoor and outdoor. Some people may consider me ignorant or an idiot for being on Godfathers side for this one but most of them do not own a business (neither do i but my father does and i understand the hardships of regulating and trying even to keep it in business). I will take all the comments i get with a smile on my face knowing that i will most likely get into a flame war but these insults have been annoying me from the start. The hypocritical comments of those who post them despite their negativity STILL go there! If there is so much negatives to going to a place don't go! Find an alternative and don't sit alone and weep about it.
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    Why dose godfather always have their epic events when I cant attend!!!!!! I love this place but you guys bee to keep your huge selection in stock!!
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    I just wish it was on a saturday since I have a 2 hr drive and I have school the next day.
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    Urban, just so you know why posts like the one you reacted to get deleted: We delete them, because there are idiots who simply make a claim without even trying to support it! How would you like me calling you a scammer without providing a grain of evidence? You see, it is not the communism, nor the fact that we want "MO' cash *****ezz", but it is only to protect ourselves.

    We do not want people on the other forums to say that "those 'tards at airsoft society are liars". If Radar provided us with some evidence, or some reasonable explanation for the claims he had made, I would have left his post there. But he chose the **** way.
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    I wish I could go but my Ak is too hot for cqb. :( Infact almost all of my friends guns are too hot for cqb. Anyways happy birthday godfather indoor, see you guys at the outdoor soon.:)
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    You know this whole evidence thing...

    That was a thread where all people did was provide evidence on how bad GF was and shared stories on how they got ripped off by them, but it was deemed "off topic" and closed.

    I will try to find the link for another one, but I specifically remember Sparkey saying we cannot troll GodFather on here without it being deleted because they are in fact supporters of the forum and provide money.
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    Hahaha, you can't argue with shifty and win.