The Beginners Guide to Buying an Airsoft Gun

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    I was feeling up to writing a long masterpiece today so here's my shot at it...

    Well, people have a lot of questions about buying an airsoft gun, and for good reason. It's most likely the longest and most important decision in airsoft.

    Now, there are several different kinds of airsoft guns. In general they fall into one of five categories:

    Electric guns are powered by, you said it, electricity. There are a wide variety of electric guns. Lpegs are the lower-end guns that have plastic internals, and thus, will break more easily.

    Mpegs are the second category. They are the middle category and are in general more expensive. Their internals are metal.

    Hpegs are the higher-end guns that also have metal internals, that we won't really discuss in this guide because they're not exactly a "beginner" gun.

    There are other subcategories of electric replicas, but the vast majority fall into the above categories.

    Gas guns are powered by gas. (GASP) There are several different kinds of gases that power airsoft guns. Co2 is what powers most of the stuff that you find at walmart, academy, sports authority, etc. It is usually used in more powerful guns. Green gas is used in most guns however. Any green gas gun can also use propane (which requires a $5 adaptor) or red gas.

    Gas is used sometimes in rifles, but it usually is used in pistols. The blowback function is also common in gas pistols and rifles, but it is also sometimes used in aegs.

    Spring weapons are powered by a spring. This is obvious. Spring weapons are usually lower-end, although I once saw a $200 spring shotgun. In this guide, I will not classify sniper rifles as spring weapons. Spring weapons encompass spring rifles, shotguns, and pistols. These are what you will most of the time see on sites like hobbytron and airsplat, although both of those sites do sell higher-end guns as well.

    Sniper Rifles:
    Sniper Rifles are usually spring, although some are gas powered. They vary in price greatly, all the way from $40 to $1000. They can be purchased on nearly any website, and some can be bought in stores. Before you buy a sniper, think long and hard about whether you want to be one. It's not always glamorous or fun. I once took 20 minutes just to get one hit in on a guy.

    Classic Guns:
    These are rarely bought by beginners these days. They are automatic weapons powered by an external gas tank. Most of the time these are bought by seasoned airsofters who are looking for a hobby, and they cannot be easily found.

    Now that you know what each of these genres of airsoft gun are, we can look at each one in more detail.

    If this is your first airsoft gun, then you will probably want to buy something fairly cheap so that you don't rush into an untested sport and end up spending a lot of wasted money on it. On a smaller field, such as your backyard or a small greenbelt, you should get a spring pistol (which will cost $20 roughly) or a shotgun (which will be $30-$50). UTG and DE both make a decent shotgun. Almost any spring pistol will be a good call. I would never, under any circumstance, buy an lpeg. Due to cheap internals, and lots of moving parts, they break easily.

    If you are buying your second or third gun then you would still classify as a "beginner". By now, you probably have some experience and you probably know that you want to stick with airsoft. Now there are several price ranges for people in your position. If you've got anything less than $100 I wouldn't reccomend buying a gun. A good airsoft gun will cost over $100. Now, if you have a $100-$150 price range, here are my suggestions.

    If you want an aeg, look at JG, CYMA's more recent guns, and Echo1. Recently, G&G released a cheaper series of M4s called the "Combat Machine" (doesn't sound corny at all) that are excellent as well.

    Good submachine guns in this price range include the KS P90, the Echo1 MP5A4, Galaxy MP5K and the JG MP5SD5. The reason I'm picking the MP5A4 and MP5SD5 rather than the MP5A5 and MP5SD6 is because they have solid stocks, which allows you to put a larger battery in the gun, which will increase rate of fire and battery life.

    Good carbines include the JG M4A1, M4 S-System, AUG Civilian, SIG 552, and G36K. Echo1 makes some good M4s in that price range, as well as the Echo1 Phantom and G36C. CYMA makes several good AKs. I would be careful about anything earlier than CM045 (CYMA's guns come in several tiers based on how recent they are. The higher the number following the "CM", the more recent the gun is, and thus, the more up-to-date and reliable it is). G&Gs Sportline (cheaper) M4s are great as well as said earlier.

    Good rifles are CYMA's M14s, JG's M16A3, G36, and SIG 550, and Echo1's G3 DSR. In all these categories of AEG, there are more than the ones I listed, and anyone who replies is free to add more good guns.

    Gas guns are great in this price range. WE's M9 is good. KWC makes several good guns. Most guns in this price-range are blowback and use green gas which, as you may remember, means that it can also use propane and red gas.

    Here I will insert what blowback is. Blowback is where the slide kicks back on a pistol every time it fires. On aegs and gas rifles, the little pin on the side kicks back.

    Sniper Rifles in this range are good as well. Remember, out of the box, a sniper rifle is never good,

    "Sniper rifles are built" -Brazzy

    You see, when you get the sniper rifle, it comes with the gun, sometimes a scope, and sometimes a bipod. That's just enough to do painfully mediocre. If you get a tbb (tightbore barrel) which increases accuracy, and some other upgrades in there, then it'll be good. On a truly great sniper rifle, the sniper's internals will be completely replaced by the time you're done upgrading it.

    Good sniper rifles in this price range are the JG Bar-10 scope package, AGM MP-001, the UTG M324 scope package, and the TSD MK96. Remember, the sniper rifle that you buy isn't going to be really good for a while if you buy a sniper rifle in this price range.

    Now let's look at a higher price range, $150-$200. This is the higher end of budget aegs and sniper rifles.

    Once again, we'll look at aegs first.

    Good submachine guns in this category include the G&G MP5A4 and the CYMA Thompson. In this price range, not many true submachine gun replicas are sold.

    Good carbines are the Echo1 Stag-15 tactical airsoft gun (solid stock) and if you're willing to save up ten more bucks, then you can get the SCAR. The G&G Combat Machine AK-47 is an excellent choice as well.

    Good DMRs are the Echo1 M16 DMR, the CYMA AK-47, and JG AK-74 blowback. Remember, good guns are not limited to these guns here, these are just a few examples.

    Good gas pistols in this price range are TM and KWA's M9s. Gas pistols at this point are pretty much as expensive and nice as you can go. Few gas pistols cost more than $200.

    Sniper rifles are reccomended the same as earlier ones, you can just get a bunch of nice upgrades right off the bat for your sniper if this is your price range.

    REMEMBER: The guns shown above are just examples of good guns. Get these guns or guns similar to them, and you'll probably end up getting a good gun.

    What kind of gun you get is really dependent on what you're looking for in a gun. Some people really like high rate of fire, so they look for the solid-stock guns. Other people are looking for a small, light machine gun, so they look into submachine guns. Other people are looking for a gun that is small, but has a long barrel, so they look at the bullpup guns (bullpup is where the magazine is behind the trigger). Many people don't like to have to get a whole lot extra for their gun. In that case, I'd reccomend M4s. All you really need is a new battery and an extra mag, which can cost as little as $12 and holds a respectable 300 rounds (in the case of a hi cap). Other people like G36s because they offer attachable mags, which makes mag switching an extrememly fast process.

    In sum, all guns offer their own perks. This guide will be updated as new guns and accessories come out. If you would like links to any of the above guns, PM me.


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    Sorry to be annoying, but AEG stands for Airsoft Electric Gun so it does not mean a metal gearbox only, it could mean a plastic gearbox. If it is a electric gun, you can call it a AEG. :)


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    Alright, thanks. I just got caught up in the terminoligies that i always use that aren't technically correct. I'll fix that Grif; I don't mind a correction. What did you guys think of this guide?
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    Corpus Christi
    I got lucky and got a decent AEG with metal gearbox. I think as a beginner this article is well written and pointed toward "us" which i appreciate very much.
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    Thank you for the quote. Its an honor, but it is so true. These out of the box sniper rifles are useless. Some people even debate that built sniper rifles are useless. They have some valid points, but I refuse to discard the position completely as I have had it used as well as used it myself as a valuable tool.

    If you ever need help building them let me know. It is something you can do yourself. I have built quite a few rifles accurate over 100 yards. I am currently working on taking the cheapest rifle I can find and seeing if I can get the same results out of it. I will post up once I get an AGM MP001 to be consistently accurate at 100 yards. I make mods to it and bring it to the range when I go to shoot real steel. So far the range is there, but the accuracy has been a pain for me. The hop up has been a *****. I've never seen a hop lift .43's like this.
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    The MP001 is actually a decent gun if you pop a tbb in it. My friend got one, and he is very happy with it.
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    Its very good, nice work! :)
    This makes me want to do something like this......................maybe.............
  8. Frontline

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    Yeah, it's actually pretty fun; it just takes FOREVER! :)
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    Well written, look like you took time...I like it!
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    Arguably AEG does mean metal gearbox, high powered etc. MPEG & LPEG are for the sh*tty plastic electric guns.
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    AK or M4/16

    I'm just getting started in airsoft and have finally decided I will go with a G & G gun. Most of the time I will be playing in outdoor field settings. I don't see myself doing alot of upgrades etc.. I'm trying to decide between the G & G AK47 and the G & G Combat Machine M16 (lower priced version). Both guns are similar in price with full stocks for larger batteries. Does anyone have opinions as to which gun I should buy
    of these two choices.

    Thank You.
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    First, Frontline, great job bud.

    Second, NCAirsoft, there are multiple threads discussing new and beginner guns in both the beginner forums and electric guns forum. Feel free to browse through a few of those or start your own topic (or shoot any of our more established members a private message)... But, a G&G would serve you well.
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  14. Griffin

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    AEG stands for Airsoft Electric Gun. I do not see anything in "AEG" that stands for metal or metal gearbox.

    MPEG would be a JG, CYMA, etc with a metal gearbox (in my opinion), and a LPEG would be a plastic gearbox peice of crap.

    But AEG stands for Airsoft Electric Gun and does not mean just metal gearbox AEG's.

  15. AirsoftWinner

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    I have too agree AEG stands for Airsoft Electric Guns

    LPEG - Louse Piece erissitable Garbage
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    In my experience AEG has been an acronym for Automatic Electric Gun, and the title is generally only associated with high-end companies such as TM, Systema, VFC, and Ares.

    MPEG is Mid Priced Electric Gun, and they generally have metal gearboxes but come from slightly lower grade companies such as JG, E1, and G&G.

    LPEG is Low Powered Electric Gun, and these are the plastic gearboxes and low end companies such as BE, DPMS, Crosman, Ect.
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    MPEG = G&G,,are you mad,people dont pay $300+ for an MPEG
  18. Skate

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    Let me clarity, the Plastica Series are MPEGS. Good rule of thumb, if its under $200, you can call it an MPEG.
  19. hairyman

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    But G&G are not a lower grade company as you said.