The Land Pirates need a few more dudes.

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    Alright I am the Captain/Founder of the Land Pirates.

    A little bit of our history. We officially founded as a unit in 2010 however many of our players have been playing together for almost a decade. We strive to look as spot on as the Opfor element we are portraying. Not 100% authentic however when it is a "Russia Vs USA" event we use actual Russian Gear instead of ACU and plate carriers. So we have no real uniform as it switches game by game. We also have a 20 member roster of that 8-10 attend each game.

    Unit Requirements.

    Must have a vehicle or reliable transportation to Events.
    Must have own gear and be willing to buy gear (usually very cheap)
    One must be physically fit.
    An FRS radio is required, however since FRS is retarded on so many levels we may actually issue out Milspec radios on a private frequency.
    A mature attitude.
    Highcaps are frowned upon, mid and low caps are preferred.
    Must have atleast 1 Opfor loadout from the following list.
    Be willing to travel all over New England and the Country for events.

    WW2 AXIS.
    Volkssturm (cheapest axis loadout possible)

    Communist/Warsaw Pact
    East German (if you would like to attend eastwind)
    Russian (also russian Federation)
    PAVN/ Vietcong For (nam soft games)

    Various other Opfor units.

    Arab Fighter
    3rd World Militia
    Generic bad guy look.

    We are looking to add a third squad to the Land Pirates so this is what we need.

    3 Rifleman.
    2 Support gunners.
    2 Grenadiers.
    1 Medic
    1 DMR (must have semi auto rifle "NO BOLT ACTIONS UNLESS APPROVED BY TEAM")

    What are the advantages of Joining the land Pirates?

    We can help source out cheap high quality gear for your loadouts.
    We have static, offensive and defensive artillery.
    We like to equip our dudes with co2 launchers.
    We have a vast storage container full of gear to loan out for games.
    We usually supply our own communication gear.
    We have a team tech.

    So after reading all that if you want to join up fill this out.

    What is your impression/ impressions based off of?
    List of Gear related to impression?
    What is your gun?
    How old are you?
    Where do you live?
    How long have you been involved in airsoft or other pursuit sports?
    Why would you want to join the DLP and how could you joining make it better?
    Do you have a car?
    What do you do for a job if your are not a full time Student?