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Discussion in 'Connecticut Airsoft Forum' started by TheManWhoSneaks, Oct 28, 2012.

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  1. TheManWhoSneaks

    TheManWhoSneaks New Member

    If you're from ct and interested in underground urban airsoft on a serious level, talkin abandoned areas, homemade grenades, explosions that have no reason to exist but for dramatic effect it happens anyways. Lets see some comments and loadouts
  2. Username94

    Username94 New Member

    New York City
    This sounds dangerous and pointless.

  3. Havok17

    Havok17 New Member

    Seems like a great way to get Airsoft banned.
  4. theonlyBuster

    theonlyBuster Active Member Lifetime Supporter

    S. Florida
    In regards to forum rules there is to be no discussion on pyrotechnics of any kind, whether it be for the use of devices or scenery.

    On top of that, playing in abandoned areas is something that should be avoided at all costs for fear of overall personal risk. This includes injuries that can occur from falls, drops, slips, falls, impalement, as well as forces such as local law enforcement. IT is entirely stupid, ignorant, and irresponsible, and should not be done for the safety of yourself as well as the sport which we all love.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.