The WE Mk.17 (or Scar-H as some of you call it.)

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  1. Any ideas when the WE Scar-H/Mk.17 is supposed to release? I'm waiting for it I can't can't can't wait, and I want to know if WE has a projected release date or if anyone has any ideas?
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    look over at arnies airsoft. The international hub for product releases and info. No forum on this earth has more information... and more quickly.

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    Arnirs has no news on a SCAR H, but they said to expect a 416 with no trades. Supposedly insiders claim a KAC PDW, SCAR H and an M14 are to come before summer of 2010 but IDK how accurate that info is. I did see a picture of those guns in the works in a pic from WE tech.