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Discussion in 'Staging Area' started by Tesla, Aug 23, 2012.

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    About a year ago I was pulling my KABAR knife out of its sheath without really looking (don't exactly know WHAT I was thinking) and sliced about halfway into my left thumb, with the whole 8 inch blade starting with the rip teeth to the tip. My actual reaction was "Oh, wow" and needless to say my thumb turned into a faucet. It's not the most rugged-looking scar, but after 9 stitches and a year later it's still a little fuzzy. My friends and I joked about for months and still occasionally do.

    So, what plans or genius maneuvers (like mine) have you all come up with that horribly backfired?

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  2. Finalencounter

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    Well... Pretty embarrassing for me, but:

    Once my arms were nearly healed from them both being broken, it was about 11:30 and I was pretty tired, had no idea what I was thinking. I had 3 days left till I got my casts off, and for some reason I decided to pick up my 20 pound cat, because my mom wouldn't. What I was picking him up, I heard a cracking sound come from my left side, (the same side that my arm was worse) do I kinda freaked out and we went for my next appointment 2 days later. I was very relieved that nothing re-broke, and I was just my knee popping when I straightened my legs. Don't know why I was so stupid.

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    this happened like two days ago, got mad and put my fist clean through the side of a dresser a few times. I'd say the dresser won that fight. I still can't really use my right hand, that was so stupid... I might have a picture somewhere, hold on.

    EDIT: no pic, but this is what it looks like right now, as I am leaving to go work all day

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    So my two dogs into a fight and there was nothing close to me well, but me. So needless to say one of them accidentally bit and it got to my bone. I was about to pass out from looking at lol. I dont have a pic from when it happened but here it is now:


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    I did the same thing the OP did. Don't know why but I decided to cut a crdit car in half? the knife slipped and cut me from hilt to tip. My reaction was "oh crap I just did that" haha.
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    Ow, I hope your work doesn't involve you using your hurt hand.

    And yeah Hartman, it's kind of hard to believe it just happened.