Thoughts on "bush hits"

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    Something that's been irking me lately. I recently stumbled across a team's TACSOP for private games they host. They specifically tagged "bush hits" as counting as a hit. As someone who plays in the barren desert, bushes are some of the best cover one can get and utilize. They're common, easy to use, and multi-purpose. In a flora-infested area, bushes are all the more relevant. I played at TAAGS in 2017(?), and if you weren't in the town, you had one option:

    bushes, shrubs, and tree branches.

    There's just one problem with bushes as cover: they're a two handed sword. Unless you get your gun just right, your BBs are as useless as the guys who are shooting back at you through the bush. I've been recorded up at TAAGS infuriating GoPro Sniper #7314 when he thought he hit me, but his BB either a) hit the bush and lost energy to the point where I didn't feel 3 Joules (at less than 30 feet, mind you), or b) hit the bush and went entirely off course. He unfortunately did not have a scope cam. He did, however, whip out his sidearm and get me there, notably extending his arm out through the bush as best as he can.

    Your thoughts? Legit strat? Innocent cheating?
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    Literally any game I have played anywhere, if it went though a bush, shrub, or tree before hitting you, it counted. Bushes are concealment, not cover.
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    I mean, a hit is a hit, right? Just because a BB passes through a bush, possibly losing energy, possibly not, doesn't mean that it shouldn't be counted as a hit.

    Now, if a BB is an evident ricochet off of some larger piece of cover that is another thing...

    Frankly, if something hits you hard enough to make you go "hmm, was that a hit?" you should probably be accepting that as a hit.

    *edit: Yikes! Didn't see that this was from the 2nd.
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    You are within 21 days...your fine.

    Ricochets don't count. Direct hits do...per Airborne's comment.
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