Thoughts on lct ak issue.

Discussion in 'Electric Guns' started by Ben3721, Oct 22, 2020.

  1. Ben3721

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    So I noticed something wrong on a brand new lct ak74m. Enough to return it. Before I say what I noticed, I want to see if anyone else sees what I see, or if im being too ocd about what to expect for the 300-400 price point. And does anyone have this issue on their lct's?

    Bunch of photos:
  2. Oldjarhead

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    Yup....barrel goes to M14 goes to left but i didn’t pay as much as you did. You don’t have OCD friend for that price point I’d send it back....BUT don’t be surprised if the next one goes to the my front sight on my M14.
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  3. WaveZ

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    i'd totally return that. Barrel defiantly warped. Especially for that price.
  4. Ben3721

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    So the exact issue is the hole for the outer barrel is machined off by a bit.

    Maybe in mass production the jig to make the cut became loose or off causing the defect, but it could be casted, which means the entire model line has this flaw.

    What also pisses me off is there are clear marks that they struggled to get the front end together since it was off by so much. So its not like they didn't notice.

    If this was a 130 to 180 gun, I'd say tough luck, pay crap, get crap. But this isn't a cheapo gun. Even my cheap cyma ak74u has a perfectly aligned barrel.

    When looking at the hopup you could see the nozzle was forced sideways to fit, so I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't feed right.
  5. danerd

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    Sad thing is, I have seen actual AKs like this. Owners wonder why they cant adjust their sights enough to match where shots are landing.

    There is a definite right-hand curve from the front trunion forward, the rest of the rifle seems straight.
  6. Guges Mk3

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    LCT...over priced "average" AEGs...
  7. Ben3721

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    I've seen this issue many times on m4 barrels, but thats such a easy quick fix, just 90° grind of the receiver front quickly just enough to correct the issue and its perfect. Some m4 makers have a ring at the end of the outer barrel to center it but thats just cheap, a free float one is much more proper. But this it is an ak, this isn't fixable without part replacement.

    I honestly thought lct was the best ak lineup you could get. But more than likely many of their newer aks have the exact same issue, some reviews mentioned it, but I figured it wasn't something this bad.

    Everything else on it was perfect, just looked like it was ran over by a truck.

    I do hope evike grands my return without any restocking fee. If they get it back and are like "lOoKs FInE tO mE!" And slap me with the 10% restocking fee and shipping costs I'm going to be pissed. Their policy is a manufacturer defect allowes a full fee free return. But a 10% fee for a "change of mind" especially if its a refund back to the card.

    But likely this will be the dude to handle my return: