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    Throwthegame is a website for creating, playing and sharing games in your web browser. In it's current state you can create your own turn-based strategy game, and the site creator, Ben D'Angelo, has plans for a RPG and Tower Defense framework as well.

    I have two out of my three games in the top six games.
    TacticsZ is a zombie game.
    русская тактика (Russian Tactics is a Modern Tactics spin-off featuring Russian main characters.
    русская тактика 2 (RT2) is like RT1, just with snow.

    The "Modern Tactics" framework is still a work in progress, Ben plans to add customization weapons and cutscenes. In it's current state you can choose the game mode, make maps up to 24x24 tiles in size, make custom tiles, select the character stats, weapons and skin.

    It's a fun distraction and it's 100% free.