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Discussion in 'General Accessory Discussion' started by OKairsoft, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. OKairsoft

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    What's the difference between Sound flash, Pineapple, and the Flash bang shells on the Hakkatsu Thunder b's?
  2. Strikethemdown

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    Nothing, purely aesthetic.

  3. Springfield

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    It's mostly asthetic but I have noticed certain shells are more efficient. These go off in 2 to 3 seconds while I have noticed the more cylindrical shaped ones take a little while longer and when they go off the breaking point is unpredictable. Also the ones I linked come with the "new" core that I have compared to others. It has a hole in the cap that holds the CO2 canister in, which was a popular mod on the previous versions so it may help with efficiency.