Time for a gearbox upgrade!

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    Well today I shot my Matrix PDW has upgrades and it was amazingly accurate. It got me thinking "I want a better gearbox for my JG" So It has plastic hop up and has the original gearbox. I want a m120 spring at least and good gears. I have been doing some research and was thinking about getting a systema gearbox but for $220 i dont know. So what kind of gear box would be good? What hop up would work with it and keep up with it?
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    You could most likely get away with just replacing the bucking and nub in the stock hop up. Unless you are switching to a metal body, then I would suggest this one piece systema hop up unit: http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=372&mobile=false

    Systema is a high quality brand, but they can be overpriced.

    You could do this to save some money.

    For a gearbox, you could probably keep the original gearbox shell, as they can be pretty strong, regrease, reshim, correct aoe, and upgrade it using some SHS and Modify parts.

    But the systema is always a good choice.

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    You could probably use the 220 bucks to better upgrade your current gearbox in fact I think JG gearboxes can take an m120 stock just nothing above that combined with new gears will in no way cost you even near 220 bucks. And Systema isn't the worst but some of the money you pay is for the brand name when making a purchase from them.
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    Systema is definitely not a high quality brand, they are easily outperformed by brands that cost the half, including SHS and Lonex. Don't waste money on Systema parts, except for their hop-up buckings, they actually have a very good reputation. No need to replace the GB shell gears or piston. If the compression isn't optimal, you can get some Lonex compression parts for it. The stock hop-up chamber is probably decent enough, just do the usual accuracy mods and get a good bucking, and you should get improved accuracy.

    What are your performance goals? A JG guns is a pretty good upgrade platform, as it has good compatibility and has decent internals already.