tips for becoming good airsmith

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    Hey guys i've been considering learning how to be a great airsmith recently. I can disassemble and reassemble guns fairly well and so i'm looking for tips on upgrades, knowledge of parts, and just overall good ways to become a good airsmith.
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    Go register at airsoftmechanics. Don't bother posting, just read up on everything.

    Also, when you are working, take your time. Eventually you will get used to doing the stuff and you can do it faster.

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    The biggest piece of advice is to read everything. The more problems you read about, the more you learn about how to fix them. The more guides you read, the more you'll learn about how to do different things to guns. Don't just stick to this forum, it does have great resources, but there are other places all over the internet with good guides, and other good reads on them.

    When you learn about stuff, problems, mods, etc. don't be afraid to crack open a gearbox and try it out. You can have all the head knowledge in the world, but if you can't actually do anything, you're basically useless. There's a point where knowledge is useless, and experience is king. Just because you know how to correct AoE, doesn't mean you really KNOW how to do it. Understand?

    Also, don't every get a large ego, always remember that there is someone else better than you, because there ALWAYS is. I see lots of people that do tons of research, and then all of a sudden think they are the best thing since sliced bread. Be humble about your tech work. No one likes a know it all.

    NJ brought up a good point, Patience is VERY important. Take your time to do your stuff, it's better to learn it the right way slowly, than learn it the wrong way quickly.
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    thanks both of you guys i learned patience through disassembling guns... (although it did take a while to learn it) and i'm definitly going to do a lot of reading
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    the best way to learn is through failure... learn why it failed. also, have a good number of spare parts. once you find a combination of parts that work great together, bulk order it. every tech has a favorite brand or parts lists. you will also need tools for cutting and shaping plastics and metals. i've been using my bench grinder alot lately (used to re-shape plastic parts, ex: clear protective lenses).

    you will also need soldering equipment (lead based rosin core, variety of shrink tubing, 14/16/18/24 awg wiring). once you improve your soldering skills, start making mosfets (they are very easy to make, soon to make a video).

    forgot to mention, learn to use a multimeter and digital caliper. i also recommend a digital scale and a method to measure spring rates (i use a pvc tube and a rod).
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    This is a great thead, i think this as a repeat thread though.
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    Patience, patience, and caffeine.
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    This is a thread that pops up every 2 weeks.
    The answer is simple

    Most importantly. be open to new ideas.

    EVERYTHING revolves around these concepts.
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    From the Airsoft memes thread forget who posted it.